The #1 Boat on the Water

Why Run Haynie?


At Haynie Boats, we don’t compromise. We’re committed to building the #1 boat on the water, and there’s no room for anything less than perfection. That’s why we back every Haynie Boat with an unconditional quality assurance. We offer the best Quality boats with the highest level of total Performance through relentless Innovation incorporating the strictest Safety standards, all of which give you the greatest Resale value of any boat brand. Period.

#1 On the water

building a haynie bay boat


Haynie's quality is hand-laid into every boat by skilled and passionate craftsmen using the highest grade materials. Every detail is sweated and nothing is overlooked so we can offer you the strongest construction warranty available complete with superior fit and finish.

Haynie Bay Boat Performance - Best Bay Boat


We are the #1 boat on the water for a reason. Haynie leads the pack in performance boating by designing hulls that are built for nimble maneuverability at high speeds while never compromising safety and rough water handling. That is a tall order that we take seriously, and we do it by continually refining our own industry breakthroughs. It's how we do it.

Resell value Haynie bay boat


You may not ever dream of selling or trading your Haynie, but one day you might. When that day comes, know that with a Haynie Custom you've got the most valuable bargaining chip in your hand and behind your truck. Haynie Bay boats' resale value remains the strongest in the industry — period.

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