Our Story

Our Story

Mr. Rayburn Haynie has been building boats since the 1950s. He started building fiberglass bay and flats boats in the late 80s early 90s in his hometown of Seadrift, Texas. He had produced hulls such as the 19 Flats, 20 Tunnel, and the H2O, but the Haynie name began to stand out when he introduced the 23 Big Foot model to the Texas Coast. The Big Foot hull is known for it’s smooth, dry ride, and she gets her name from being a big boat that gets up in a foot of water. This hull was designed by fisherman and built for fisherman. This boat eats the chop like no other and it can get in some skinny places that most bay boats won’t go.

During the late 90s, Chris Coulter was introduced to and became friends with Mr. Haynie through fishing guides who purchased hulls from Mr. Haynie, and then took them to Chris for custom rigging. In 2006, Chris and his wife, Julie, were presented with the opportunity to purchase Haynie and the flagship 23 Big Foot mold. This was the start of something great. Chris’ first plan for Haynie Boats was to create the hull we all know as the 24 High Output. Chris had the idea for this versatile v-hull for many years and he now had Mr. Haynie to help him build it. From there the rest is history.

After the HO proved its worth, Chris went on to design the higher sided cat hull that we know as the 24 Cat. From there, he created other models based off these hull models to be innovative and to accommodate requests from customers. These modifications brought about the Z21 (the HO’s little sister), the 23 LS (the first go-fast tournament boat), the 23 Cat, and then the 21 Super Cat. As the years passed, Chris continued to make improvements to the original HO design that became the famous and ever popular 25 and 23 Magnum hulls along with the 24VLS (the gen 2 go-fast boat).

He also designed the 23 Super Cat in his quest to build a cat hull that ran shallower and faster than the original 23 and 24 cat. To this day Chris continues to innovate and improve our hull designs.

At Haynie, we work hard and play hard. That has been our creed. Our business is selling fun and when you purchase a Haynie Custom Bay Boat you become apart of a large family of satisfied customers. We stay true to our roots by manufacturing hulls by hand one at a time, just like Mr. Haynie has done since the 1950s. Furthermore, we believe in service after the sale. When you buy a Haynie and power it with a Mercury motor – the best outboard in the industry – you have got yourself the # 1 boat on the water! Nothing’s better than a Haynie!!

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